Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Common Sense Parenting Chart

We were once over-protective, now we’re hovering andhelicopter parents. In some settings being around your little one is being inthe way. In others if you miss 1 of 5,000,00 performances the neighbors willcall Child Services. We all know that parenting requires taking charge andensuring children’s safety. This differs from preventing them from naturaldevelopmental experiences. However, where do we draw the line? I say go withyour gut. You know what’s best for your family. If you insist upon guidelinestry the below.

Provide necessary educational tools and tutorials
Stay up all night hot gluing home made diorama animals
Maintain communication with teachers and coaches
Provide lesson and coaching plans
Praise effort
Praise napping during algebra class
Give age appropriate increasing responsibility
Tie high schooler’s shoes
Monitor surroundings (church, school, parks etc.)
Implant a GPS chip under child’s skin
Help with school activities as needed
Dig your nails into door frames when being escorted out of classroom
Be a member of kids’ personal team. “I’m in your corner”
Self-identify with kids’ lives, “We have a project, game etc.”
Have high expectations
Purchase a 4 years old’s Nobel Laureate acceptance ceremony outfit

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