Thursday, July 5, 2012

Introducing Paul The Baby Whisperer

Hi. My name is Paul. I am 8 and I know a lot about electronics and robots. My favorite book is Harry Potter 7. I like to play video games, read good books, scooter, skateboarding and eating. Before you think that I am fat since I like to eat, no. I am not fat.

One day I went to church to help out in the baby nursery. I am writing this blog because I would like to share a story about a baby named Leo. So anyway, I was in church. I went to the baby nursery. I went in and waited for a while, while I set up. And then finally two babies came. Leo and Lewis. At first I started to play with Lewis. At first I started to play with Lewis but Leo was crying. Then Lewis left and I went to calm Leo down.

I managed to stop Leo’s crying and got him to relax. By putting a lot of soft stuff around him and giving him some toys. He played with them. He especially liked the green and purple spiked balls. The people who run the nursery and I fed him. He ate Cheerios and avocado, mostly avocado. Afterwards we had to clean him because Leo was drooling and he avocado all over his face. Cheerios were sticking to the avocado. The avocado was like glue. So then we had to clean the floor because he had drooled on the floor not just himself. Then Leo’s mom came. And Leo left. Then we cleaned up the room because there were lots of toys out.

I like babies because babies are cute and playful. I go to the baby nursery so that I can help babies. We also get to take of care of the babies for about three hours. This is fun because I get to do it with no parents telling me what to do. This is a nice and fun thing to do because you are helping other parents by taking care of their children like your parents take care of you.

Try Hard Mommy’s Note
Paul is the pen name of my youngest son. This is the first entry in his summer blog series. Paul’s mother hopes that he sticks with this fun writing project – a stretch for a S.T.E.M. oriented child. Please wish us luck. The summer fun has begun.

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