Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What To Do With Colonial Native Americans?

Today this Try Hard Mommy and her son finally found computer time and endeavored to draft a joint blog post. After considering various potential topics like the differences between the sexes, vacation memories, books we like, and other mundane subjects Master Paul decided to discuss Colonial Native Americans. Yep. You read correctly. There’s not much that I can add to his below post without investing hours of research and writing that you don’t want to read. All I can do is say that they kid never ceases to surprise me. Please enjoy Paul’s second summer blog post.


Hi it’s me, Paul. I’m back again. It has been two weeks. Two weeks ago I talked about babies. Now I am here to talk about Colonial Native Americans. I would like to learn as much as I can about Native Americans, especially Colonial Native Americans because I am studying Colonial America next school year.

I already know a little bit about Colonial America.  So I would like to share some facts with you. The Colonial Native Americans were an interesting race. They would grow their food with nothing to preserve it except salt. And the way they would teach themselves was fascinating too. The men would learn how to hunt from their fathers. The women would learn how to make clothes and other stuff like that from their mothers. There was no school. They learned their history from parents telling stories. There was no electricity. They had to use other means for light and transportation. Here is a list of things that they might have used for light: torches, furnaces that burnt coal and large flat rocks that would reflect the sun. Here are some examples of what they might have used for transportation: a ship, a fishing boat, a horse drawn wagon, a donkey cart and horse back riding.

If you would like to learn more about how the Native Americans lived you should try some of the following activities with your kids. Why don’t you try to make a model horse drawn wagon or why don’t you see if you can try to teach your children some of their history the way that the Colonial Native Americans did for their kids. I think that this is a good way to teach kids about Colonial America.

Again, this is Paul. Thanks for reading my blog post. See you next time. Goodbye.

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