Friday, July 6, 2012

Things I've Learned

In no particular order here is the beginning of a list of things that I’ve learned from other people. Many were spoken. Others were observed. A few I figured out by myself. Some I’m still trying to master.

I wish I had:
  • Spent more time with family
  • More children
  • Relaxed more
  • Given people my full attention
  • Appreciated the miracle of a functioning body
  • Spoken up for myself
  • Taken more risks
  • Spent less and saved more
  • Kissed more often
  • Lost more marital arguments
  • Entertained more
  • Traveled more
  • Explored my home country
  • Stayed in school
  • Finished my degree
  • Waited to have children
  • Drank / smoked less
  • Listened
  • Worked less
  • More sex
  • Appreciated my spouse

Please remember that:
  • Cleanliness is not next to Godliness; kindness is
  • There is always room for one more
  • Quiet voices speak louder than yelling
  • Children are like all products. You get out what you put in
  • It’s not fun being upset
  • Being nice is better than being right
  • Less is more except when more makes everyone happy
  • Reading is a necessity not a luxury
  • Experiences outweigh possessions
  • Spirituality comes in many forms

  • Be yourself
  • Choose priorities. Having it all at once is exhausting. A bit at a time is satisfying
  • Be kind to you. Take care of your physical and emotional health
  • Have something / someone to care for - child, parent, plant or pet
  • Give your family your best. Stop saving it for strangers and acquaintances

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