Monday, June 11, 2012

You Sleep In That?!

While channel surfing I stumbled upon a pajama (PJ) style makeover show. The premise was that a male stylist viewed women’s pajama choices, critiqued them and dressed the women in his idea of more appropriate ensembles. Every outfit that he picked consisted of flowing robes and spaghetti strap tops. OK Let’s be real. This is not practical. Most women cook at least one meal while donning PJs. The flowing robes are fire hazards in the kitchen. Spaghetti straps = cold lady. Why can’t women cover their chests and shoulders and still look cute?

PJs should be wash and wear not dry clean only nor iron when necessary. Women do not want to have to think about them. We put them on when it’s time to escape the pressures of style. PJs are a functional item. Men aren’t obligated to strut the house in G-strings. Why should women? Many things are accomplished while wearing bed garments. Meals are prepared. Sick children are comforted. Paperwork is tackled. Those of us with home offices often work all day in our PJs before we hit the showers. Our night gear should neither twist nor ride up. Yes. Attractive pajamas are essential to positive self-esteem but so are comfy outfits that hide stains and allow us to be ourselves.

Mr. Stylist, the reason your model subjects appeared in cotton t-shirts and pants is because those pieces work. We can’t live in plunging necklines. Nothing should fall out when we lean over to pick up the newspaper. Think about it. Pajamas should be easy to maneuver during 3:00 am powder room visits. Please honor your mother, aunts, sisters, and daughters. Create ensembles that fit into our lives rather than those that feed your fantasies? For most of us fancy lingerie is for special occasions not everyday. Unless you desire it so much that you’re willing to do the cooking, comforting, paperwork etc. so that we can sit still and look pretty in the lingerie?

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